The first floor of the medical  clinic is complete and already hosting  medical teams. Hallelujah!  The second floor is enclosed and  waiting the installation of windows.  The solar panels have been installed  and are generating power for all the  buildings on site. There are still plans  for further improvements but the  building is getting consistent use by  the ministry for medical clinics,  church and pastoral meetings,  Sunday school for the children, and  additional housing for visiting mission  teams.  February 2018 The Vision for the Clinic The completed medical clinic will offer many opportunities to uplift the community. Not only will it serve as a place for missionary   doctors and nurses to treat patients, but it will also function as a location for local medical professionals to minister to the   community with regular health clinics and educational programs. Many common illnesses and conditions that lead to more serious  health problems can be prevented through education and access to proper care.     Construction Update