Hope for Tomorrow Guatemala

Bringing Hope by Building the Kingdom of God

“The generous will themselves be blessed,

for they share their food with the poor.“

- Proverbs 22:9

What is happening this month with...

Hope for Tomorrow Guatemala.

July/August report from Pastor Noe

    • It is the rainy season right now so it is a little more dangerous to travel up the mountain

    • Due to COVID-19, the teams are working hard to keep a safe social distance from the children and wash their hands frequently

    • As the students enter week 13 of being out of school, they are now working at home under the supervision of the teachers. The school year has been extended from October to December

    • The children have asked Pastor Noe when the missionaries from HFTG are going to come back. Pastor Noe replied to them, “When God provides”

    • Pastor Noe is already noticing a difference in the relationship with the children of El Mirador since the beginning of the feeding program up there.

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