Join us this month as we raise support for our Christmas gift project!!!

Hope for Tomorrow Guatemala is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to building the kingdom of God.

Our mission is to feed the hungry, heal the sick, and bring hope to the hopeless.

November Updates

    • Tropical storm ETA flooded the Teculutan River and the Pasabien River (a location our teams have had several baptisms in the past) and destroyed bridges.

    • Pastor Noe and his family ventured up the mountain even with the tropical storm that rolled through to feed the children. They continue to pray with the children to remind them how important it is to thank God for the provisions they are receiving.

    • We would like to provide appx. 350 children with a present and a Bible story pamphlet at Christmas time. Fundraising has begun.

Also, consider visiting Pastor Noe's Facebook Page for daily feeds of his efforts in Guatemala.